a.,n. (fish) of the cod family.

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  • Gadoid — Ga doid (?; 277), a. [NL. gadus cod + oid: cf. F. gado[ i]de gadoid, Gr. ? a sort of fish, F. gade.] (Zo[ o]l.) Of or pertaining to the family of fishes ({Gadid[ae]}) which includes the cod, haddock, and hake. n. One of the {Gadid[ae]}. [Written… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • gadoid — [gā′doid΄] adj. [< ModL gadus, cod < Gr gados, kind of fish + OID] of or like the family (Gadidae, order Gadiformes) of bony fishes including cod, hake, and burbot n. any fish of this family …   English World dictionary

  • gadoid — adjective Etymology: New Latin Gadus, genus of fishes, from Greek gados, a fish Date: circa 1842 resembling or related to the cods • gadoid noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • gadoid — /ˈgeɪdɔɪd/ (say gaydoyd) adjective 1. belonging to or resembling the Anacanthini, an order of soft finned fishes including the cod, haddock, etc. –noun 2. a gadoid fish. {New Latin gadus cod (from Greek gados kind of fish) + oid} …  

  • gadoid fish — noun a soft finned fish of the family Gadidae • Syn: ↑gadoid • Hypernyms: ↑soft finned fish, ↑malacopterygian • Hyponyms: ↑cod, ↑codfish, ↑whiting, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • gadoid — /gay doyd/, adj., n. gadid. [1835 45; < NL Gad(us) (see GADID) + OID] * * * …   Universalium

  • gadoid — adjective /ˈɡeɪdɔɪd/ Of or pertaining to cod or the Gadidae family …   Wiktionary

  • gadoid — adj. of or pertaining to the fish family Gadidae which includes the cod and haddock …   English contemporary dictionary

  • gadoid — [ geɪdɔɪd, ga ] noun Zoology a bony fish of an order (Gadiformes) that comprises cod, hake, and related fish. Origin C19: from mod. L. gadus (from Gk gados cod ) + oid …   English new terms dictionary

  • gadoid — n. & adj. n. any marine fish of the cod family Gadidae, including haddock and whiting. adj. belonging to or resembling the Gadidae. Etymology: mod.L gadus f. Gk gados cod + OID …   Useful english dictionary

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